The European Green Deal is the most powerful policy tool we have to date towards a greener, fairer and more sustainable Europe.

Sign the Time for Collective Action Manifesto and show policy makers that you demand urgent action for people and the planet: a strong, ambitious and localised European Green Deal with communities at the heart.
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Make your voice count - this is the Time for Collective Action.

Citizen-led initiatives that aim to improve people’s lives while respecting nature’s limits are rapidly growing in Europe. Over 2 million Europeans are already engaged in the energy transition alone, not to mention urban gardens, community-supported agriculture, exchange systems like car-sharing and, time banks & many other diverse initiatives. Politicians often overlook the crucial role of these collective, citizen-driven actions. These initiatives are not only hands-on, practical actions to achieve sustainability: they are rays of hope, inspiring families, friends - and now, hopefully, policy makers. They train our muscles for social imagination: what if… we could all live well within the limits of the planet? They can help trigger societal change towards a socio-ecological transformation.

All these initiatives have one thing in common: they need strong social and environmental policies, such as the European Green Deal, in order to thrive. They need systemic change so that each person has a choice… to live sustainably.

This manifesto is more than words; it's a call to come together to create the spaces and time needed for this collective action. The manifesto reflects the diversity of citizen-led initiatives: it is a symphony of voices providing key ideas and policy demands directed to EU policy makers.

By signing this manifesto you signal to policy makers that you are convinced of the power of local, community-led action for sustainability and the need for a strong European Green Deal.

Sign the Time for Collective Action Manifesto and join the movement to demand a strong European Green Deal that puts people and the planet first.


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